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professional skills training

When customizing and delivering training, ThinkPeople adheres to the following guiding principles:
  • Customized and relevant to your business
  • Highly interactive and experiential
  • Practical and immediately applicable
  • Working session
  • Actionable and results-driven
  • Engaging and Fun!
Training Courses:
  • Effective Coaching Skills for Managers –Defines what coaching is and is not, reviews process, tools and techniques for asking powerful questions, staying curious, listening effectively, empowering, educating and influencing.

  • Communicating Effectively in the Workplace – Reviews styles of communication and learning, effective listening skills and key skills for communicating effectively, managing scope and setting expectations.

  • Mastering Confrontation – Addresses the barriers that get in the way of dealing wtih conflict and ways to overcome those barriers. Reviews process, tools and techniques to master confrontation in the workplace.

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback – Process, styles, tools and approaches to effectively give and receive positive and constructive feedback.

  • Running Effective Meetings – Process, tools and techniques for planning, preparing and delivering an effective meeting.

  • Facilitation Skills 101 – Reviews the role of the facilitator, preparation, planning, delivery and follow-up of a facilitated session. Process, tools and techniques to lead a group to a common goal.

  • Advanced Facilitation Skills – Reviews facilitation process and goes into depth on facilitation styles, creative thinking techniques and tools to handle challenging situations.

  • Presentation Skills – Process, tools and techniques to design, develop and deliver high-impact presentations, sales calls, client meetings, off-sites or speeches.

  • Project Management 101 – Fundamentals and tools for planning, delivery and management of projects, including the core skills necessary to manage the team.

  • Creative Thinking Techniques –Tools, techniques and exercises to foster creative thinking within your organization or with your clients.

  • Fundamentals of Consulting – Process, tools and techniques for consulting and problem solving.

  • Workshop Design and Development – A 7-step model, tools and techniques to design, develop and deliver workshops, seminars, presentations and training courses within the organization. Targeted to those who are responsible for training and development within the organization.

  • Train-the-Trainer – Instruction for empowering internal trainers in the future delivery of any course outlined above.

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