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team effectiveness and communication

  • Team Building: Experiential Training/Adventure Based Learning – Highly interactive and customized sessions focusing on team building, problem solving, risk-taking, trust and creative thinking. Can range from 1 hr to 1 day, indoors or outdoors at company site or a local conference center.

  • Team Norming Session –Upfront meeting with newly formed teams or teams in transition to clearly define the rules of operation for working together to minimize future conflict, misinterpretation and miscommunication. Team members set expectations on modes and frequency of communication, process for resolving conflict, giving & receiving feedback, managing scope and running effective meetings.

  • Team Role, Responsibility and Accountability Clarification – Identification of roles/responsibilities/accountability, and expectations. Clarification up-front increases team productivity and minimizes finger-pointing, conflict and tension.

  • Team Interventions – Issue resolution for teams that are not functioning at optimum level. A third party can bring an objective view and can provide a safe environment for open and candid communication.

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