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ThinkPeople's Monthly Workout

ThinkPeople's Monthly Workout for the Heart, Mind & Soul is a complimentary newsletter providing a theme for the month in the form of a feature article, monthly exercise with coaching techniques to try and a poem of the month. Feel free to take on previous monthly workouts below. If you are interested in receiving future newsletters, please Subscribe

Wake Up To Your Life! Powerful Workshops for the Heart, Mind & Soul

This is a compilation of her best workouts with poems and landscape photography sprinked throughout. Includes two workouts per month with access to a community to stay in action. Details and to Purchase: Wake Up To Your Life

May 2013: Valuing Your Worth
Learn how to honor your gifts and expertise and truly ask for what you are worth.

January 2013: Slowing Down to Move Forward
Sometimes the new year requires slowing down first to get really clear on what you want.

September 2012: Compare no more!
Explores how as human beings, we compare ourselves to others. Learn how to practice honoring instead of comparing and notice how free and great you will feel!

March 2012: Spring has sprung! How have you?
Highlights the importance of having to recalibrate this Spring to see what has shifted and changed from the start of the year.

January 2012: Fifteen Lessons Learned from 2011
As we reflect on last year, explore lessons learned to take into this New Year.

Nov 2011: Sometimes, Life has a Different Course for Us
Explore what you thought your life would be like and what it is now and how to fully embrace, accept and enjoy it!

Sept 2011: Like Starting at a New High School
It can take a while to fully settle into a new place and bring all of who you are to what you do.

Nov 2010: Moving Through Change-It's an Inside Job
Explores how to move through change gracefully and honor what is inside vs. looking outside for the answers.

May 2010: Heeding the Call
There comes a time when our soul will no longer allow us to compromise. Explore what it means to heed the call of your soul.

February 2010: Winter: A Time to go Within
Winter can often be a time to reflect and recognize what is happening right now. Explore what it takes to embrace exactly where you are and not force things to move.


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