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Greetings! January 2013

Happy New Year!
First off, a big huge THANK YOU to those who purchased my new book "Wake Up To Your Life" and helped me donate over $600 to the Multiple Myeloma Foundation where they were able to match it! It means so much to me and my family.

I don't know about you, but I've eased into this coming year a lot slower than past years and what I came to realize is I've really been wanting to slow down. I had such a busy end of year and a nice holiday with friends and family, but when the new year started, I felt like I needed a vacation after my time off!

Just over a week ago, I woke up very early in the morning (that's usually when ideas and creativity spark for me) and started writing. What came out was something like a poem, but it really reflects what I most need right now. Perhaps in sharing this writing with you this month, you may find it useful as you start the year.

Wishing you much prosperity, joy and abundance this new year!

Jean M. DiGiovanna, President, ThinkPeople

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Monthly Poem

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Slowing Down to Move Forward
It is in the "not doing" that movement occurs.
It is in the silence that flow is initiated.
It is in the empty space that freedom occurs.
It is in the unknown that life magically happens.

Stop running around. Stop doing busy work. Stop doing when you know what you truly need is to slow down. Do nothing.

Slow down and rest. Sleep deeply. Be with the stillness and enjoy the relaxation. Allow your body to relax into your soul.

Take time in silence. Get grounded. Meditate but stay connected. Allow the mind to rest. Be in your body.

Clear your space. Get rid of that which you no longer use. That which you no longer need. Clear out and let go.

Follow your energy. Let your heart lead. Give your mind a rest. Fall back into the arms of your Angels. Accept, release, surrender to spirit.

All will happen in divine timing.
All will be taken care of.
All will be well.
All will be perfect.
You are enough.

Monthly Workout: Slowing Down to Move Forward
Here is a 2-step workout to take on this month:
  1. When you find yourself rushed, crazed, overwhelmed or just simply exhausted, stop and reflect on the poem above. Sit quietly and read it a few times. Allow the words to sink in and really feel them in your bones. Take deep breaths as you read each sentence and notice your energy shift out of your mind and into your body. Do this as often as you need.
  2. As you move into this new year, take an inventory of the space and environment you work and live. Is there open space around you or is every nook and cranny filled with something? When you walk into a room, does it feel cluttered or disorganized? If so, take 1 hr a day and pick an area to clear out, organize and create space in. You will soon notice your breathing becomes deeper and your ability to manifest things into your life is faster. The more you clear out, the more you open up to the new!
I look forward to hearing what you experience! (please e-mail me at

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