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Greetings! January 2012

Happy New Year!
I hope you had a great holiday! The beginning of the year is a great time to start with a clean slate – to clear out the old and bring in the new. While I had a great year overall, I experienced a ton of growth and learning as well. Below I have shared with you 15 lessons I learned in 2011 in hopes you may connect with a few and think about your own learning to take into this New Year.

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Fifteen Lessons Learned in 2011
WOW – What a year! As I reflect on this past year, it was great in many ways and challenging in others. Every New Year’s Day, I take time to reflect on my accomplishments for the year. Then, I think about where I fell short. From those two activities, I like to glean lessons learned and pick a few to take into this New Year. I encourage you to do the same (you can check out the workout below for specifics).

Here are the 15 greatest lessons I learned in 2011. My hope for you is they may spark some reflection in your own life and inspire you to take the time to create your own lessons to take into this New Year.

  1. Settling into a new place can take longer than you think – be patient with the process and it will unfold perfectly.
  2. Things don’t always come to you when you want. Know that if it hasn’t come yet, it’s just not time yet. Practice staying open and being ready.
  3. Get outside at least once a day and connect with nature. It’s the one thing that can ground you quickly and rejuvenate your mind & soul.
  4. True friends always stay that way no matter how far apart you are.
  5. When you are frustrated with someone or something, practice compassion. Remind yourself that you are only human and so are they.
  6. There are more people willing to help you than you can ever imagine. All you need to do is ask.
  7. Take the time every morning before starting your day to quiet your mind and get connected to spirit. Your day will go much smoother.
  8. Treat your body like a precious vessel that your soul will want to thrive in.
  9. Do less and be more. In the end, it’s much more fulfilling and fun! And, you get to appreciate the journey along the way.
  10. Don’t forget to toot your own horn after you’ve accomplished something big. It’s not for them to hear. It’s more for you to acknowledge it within.
  11. Stop comparing yourself to others. It is disrespectful to yourself and detrimental to your soul.
  12. Keeping your heart open even when you are scared is not always easy but it is truly the answer to being fulfilled in every area of life.
  13. You cannot save another person. Trust that they are on their own path and keep loving them unconditionally and doing what you can to support them.
  14. Be exactly who you are – no less and no more. The world needs YOU, not someone you are trying to be.
  15. Have a LOT more fun with whatever you are doing and whoever you are with – just for the sake of it! Follow your passion and energy in every moment – it’s much more fulfilling and keeps your heart young!
Wishing you a most prosperous, joyful and FUN-FILLED 2012!!
Jean M. DiGiovanna

Monthly Workout: Lessons Learned
Here's how you can identify your own lessons learned from this past year:
  1. Find a time where you will be uninterrupted for about 45 minutes. With a journal and pen in hand, write a list of all things you have accomplished in 2011 – from the big things to the tiniest things. It could be around something you did, something you acquired, a new way of being or perspective you tried on, a shift in your personality. It does not matter the size – write all of it down.
  2. Reflect on your list and really take it ALL in. As you look down the list, have you acknowledged each and every accomplishment? If so, how? If not, what will you do to celebrate and acknowledge? It’s so important to stop and celebrate as it rejuvenates your mind and soul before moving forward.
  3. Come up with one or more actions you will take on to celebrate and put them in your calendar to be sure they happen!
  4. On a new sheet of paper, think about the areas you fell short in 2011. Those times when you didn’t accomplish what you wanted. When expectations fell short. Where you were disappointed. Write without judgment here. The purpose is to glean lessons, not make yourself wrong or feel crappy about it.
  5. Now, review both lists (accomplishments & where you fell short) and think about the learning. What helped you achieve your accomplishments? What did you learn most from where you fell short?
  6. Review your lessons learned and pick the top 3 you feel would most empower you to take into this New Year given where you are and where you want to be. Re-write those 3 lessons learned and place them up somewhere you can see every day.
  7. Treat these 3 lessons learned as “best practices” and make a commitment to practice living them every single day. I guarantee things will shift for you in 2012 when you stay committed!
I look forward to hearing what you experience! (please e-mail me at

Lessons Learned
When we reflect on what we’ve done and acknowledge how far we’ve come,
we energize our mind & soul and prepare ourselves for the New Year.

When we reflect on where we fell short
and look for the learning instead of “taking ourselves to court”,
We honor what it is to be human and breakthrough our fear.

                         ~ by Jean M. DiGiovanna

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