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Greetings! February 2010

Happy New Year!

I took a short break from writing my newsletter so I appreciate your patience. This month's newsletter is about how Winter is a time to go within and reflect. I hope you enjoy it.

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Jean M. DiGiovanna, President, ThinkPeople



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Winter: A Time to Go Within
Being a native of New England, I have always appreciated the change of seasons. While winter is not typically the most favorite season for many, there is something about the winter that causes me to go within to reflect and contemplate. This is no coincidence as the colder weather itself can cause you to stay inside and sit by a cozy fire. But, aside from the inherent nature of winter weather, it is actually a great time to slow down, reflect and think about where you've come and what you've learned.

If you have been feeling the need to stay in, slow down and wonder what's next, you are not alone. This is the perfect time to contemplate. Animals hibernate, so why not follow their lead and honor the rhythmic nature of the Earth and our place in it.

Going within and acknowledging how we feel takes courage. So often, we question our own feelings, especially if they go against where we think we should be. We put so much pressure on ourselves to continue to move forward, achieve more, accumulate more and get to that place of fulfillment. What if this is it? What if you were able to embrace what feel right now without feeling the constant need to change it?

Ironically, it is only when we can embrace what is happening right now, what we are feeling right now that change can truly occur. We force ourselves to move forward only to experience hitting a wall again because we are not able to acknowledge our true feelings in the moment.

It is not always easy to slow down, go within and actually allow whatever we are feeling to come to the surface, especially if they are unpleasant feelings. But, I can assure you that when you take the time and courage to feel whatever is there, you will experience a freedom that allows you to move forward again. I invite you to take advantage of this season and go within, feel what is there for you and reflect. Know that when the dust settles, spring will be ready to sweep you off your feet!

Jean M. DiGiovanna

Monthly Workout: A Time to go Within
Take on the following questions and process below for this month’s workout:
  1. Find a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted and take about an hour away from the hustle and bustle of your world.
  2. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths in and out and feel your body sinking and relaxing into the floor/chair. Reflect on the areas of your life...Career, Relationship, Home, Fun, Finances and notice how you feel about each area. If you feel tense, frustrated or angry about a particular area, allow yourself to feel it fully and completely. Then, move onto the next area.
  3. Now, begin to scan your body from the top of your head down to the bottom of your toes. Focus on each area of your body and notice any pain or sensation as you move through it.
  4. As you come upon an area of pain or sensation, stop for a moment and reflect. Begin to feel the pain in that area and allow whatever emotions to come to the surface. If it helps, imagine you are conversing with the pain and ask "what is the pain about?" Dwell in the feeling of it and do not move onto the next area until you have acknowledged what is there.
  5. As you complete your scan, be still and reflect on what you feel now. What do you experience now? Take a few minutes to sit with that. If it helps to journal what you are experienced, do so.
  6. Acknowledge and thank yourself for being vulnerable and begin to notice your energy level throughout the day. Try not to make it mean anything, but continue to honor whatever feelings come up throughout the following days.
I look forward to hearing what you experience! (please e-mail me at

A Time to go Within
It's not always easy to express what we feel.
It puts us in a vulnerable place to acknowledge what is real.
But when we come to terms with what is truly there,
we will experience a freedom and knowing that is rare.

I invite you this month to explore the unknown,
to slow down and dig deep, to contemplate alone.
And, as you move through and get to the other side,
I hope you acknowledge the courage and trust it took to be your own guide.

                         ~ by Jean M. DiGiovanna

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