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we do coaching...

for entrepreneurs, executives, management and their teams

  • Executive & Management Coaching
    Professional Coaching focusing on communication, management and leadership skills and further developing skills to support your organization or business.

  • Peer Group Coaching
    Facilitated coaching sessions with a group of like titles/roles within an organization to provide a forum for creative problem-solving, knowledge sharing and out-of-box thinking that would not be available otherwise.
  • Team Coaching
    Coaching to assist a specific team in resolving conflict, increasing trust, communication and team effectiveness.

for personal and professional coaches

  • Mentor Coaching
    Personal Life Coaching, developmental coaching around coaching skills and scenarios and mentorship with building a coaching business.

  • Workshop Design Coaching
    Coaching to assist in designing, developing and delivering workshops, a valuable tool for coaches to further market themselves.
for individuals in transition
  • Personal Life Coaching
    Personal coaching to address specific areas of life that you would like more fulfillment and satisfaction in. We identify your core values, visioning for the focus areas and a plan to manifest and achieve what you most desire.

  • Career Coaching
    Personal coaching to address what is most important to you in a career, what your natural gifts and talents are and how best to match your talents, skills and competencies with a career that will fulfill you both emotionally and financially.

  • Group Coaching
    Personal coaching with a group of individuals in similar stages of life, or similar desires or needs. Typically, a 3-month program with week-to-week assignments and group sessions/calls. The power of the group is invaluable.

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