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The 1-on-1 coaching sessions below are highly interactive. We step through powerful questions that bring you clarity and direction. Information is captured during the session so that you can freely think without interruptions. At the end of the session, you will leave with the outcome, results, action plan and a reusable process you can apply when designing and delivering future workshops.
  • From Idea to Workshop Design with Ease & Joy! – Come to the session with your workshop idea and in one hour, you will leave with learning objectives, key takeaway points and options for design of your workshop content. You will leave with a strong framework to develop the content and delivery mechanisms.

  • Developing Powerful Workshop Content – This session will step through your outline and learning objectives and determine the most applicable content that meets the objectives, where best to locate the content and how best to deliver the content.

  • Injecting Interactive Exercises & Fun into your Workshop – The most memorable workshops are those where your participants experience and interact. They don't want to hear a "talking head". You will leave this session with specific exercises and experiential learning techniques that will inject more fun and create lasting impact with your attendees.

  • Workshop Preparation, Planning and Logistics – The most common pitfall in running workshops is in failing to prepare and plan. You will leave this session with a checklist for preparation, actions to secure space, plan, prepare and setup your workshop and logistics that are critical to have in place.

  • Mastering Workshop Facilitation for Powerful Results – This session will review your experience, strengths and areas for improvement in presenting and facilitating workshops. You will leave the session with a breakthrough in where you get stopped and tips, insight and specific actions to master your workshop facilitation skills. On-going sessions can utilize video-taping and dry runs to provide specific feedback and mentorship on your delivery style.

  • Beyond One Workshop - Designing Workshop Programs – Often, single workshop ideas can evolve into multiple workshops, teleclasses, seminars and retreats. You will leave this session with new ideas, suggestions and design of a workshop program with options for delivery.

  • Market your Workshops on a Shoestring Budget – There are many resources available to market your workshops. You will leave this session with a marketing plan, marketing sources, specific actions and a reusable process for marketing your workshops.

  • Upgrading, Enhancing and Reinventing an Existing Workshop– Do you already deliver workshops and simply looking to inject more energy into them? We will identify what is working and not working and you will leave this session with suggestions, updates, redesigns and specific improvements of your existing workshop as well as new exercises and experiential learning techniques to utilize.

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