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Workshop University.....a division of ThinkPeople

Learn how to Design, Develop
   and Deliver High-Impact Workshops

  • Are you an Entreprenuer or Small Business Owner who would like to get your message out to more people?
  • Do you already run workshops, seminars or deliver presentations but would like to make them more interactive & memorable?
  • Are you a Corporate Trainer tasked with designing and developing experiential training?

ThinkPeople has been providing education and resources for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Corporate Trainers to help package their expertise into high-impact workshops, seminars and presentations.

We have officially launched Workshop University, a one-stop shop with resources and training to help you design, develop and deliver high-impact workshops.

Workshops & Webinars
For live & on-line training to help in designing, developing or delivering your workshop or webinar, ThinkPeople offers education to meet your specific needs.
See Workshops & Webinars for more details.

Tools & Templates
For tips, tools and templates to help in designing, developing or delivering your workshop or webinar, check out
Tools & Templates for more details.

Workshop Design Coaching
For assistance with designing, developing or delivering your workshop, ThinkPeople also offers 1-on-1 Workshop Coaching to meet your specific needs.
See Workshop Design Coaching Services for more details.

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